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Esperance Attractions

Along with some of the most beautiful scenery, wildlife and pristine beaches, Esperance is also home to a number of fun filled and exciting attractions that you can include to any holiday. Whether you are looking to spend as much time as possible by the water’s edge or exploring the countryside and wilderness there are plenty of things for you to see and do while you are here.

Within the seaside town of Esperance there are many things for you to enjoy such as plenty of dining options for all you food lovers, museums to browse through which tell the fascinating history of the town and historic buildings. There are shops and boutiques, gardens and foreshore parklands to laze in or perhaps you are interested in visiting the craft shops, weekend markets or galleries in the town.

There are National Parks and white sandy beaches, wet lands that are rich in wildlife and the famous Pink Lake. You can wander along one of the coastal or boardwalks in the area and take in the scenery or go bush walking, hiking or climbing for all you adventure seekers. There are over 100 islands located in the Bay of Isles where you can go on a fishing charter, diving, snorkelling and sailing and with daily charters you can do all of this and more. Take a trip to one of the islands where you can have a whole beach to yourself, take to the skies for a scenic flight or enjoy a luxury cruise for the day. There are passing whales between June and September and an array of marine life such as dolphins, sea lions, sea eagles and plenty more sea life to see. You can dive upon shipwrecks and coral reef gardens or set out on a camping adventure and visit Woody Island which is a beautiful secluded island just off the coast of Esperance.

There are salt lakes and wineries, wildlife and animal parks and some of the most stunning coastline you will ever lay your eyes on. The waters are turquoise blue and just beacon you to come in and enjoy the many water sports, from year round swimming, jet skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, water skiing, surfing at many vantage points and you can even go shore diving with plenty of reefs that lie meters from the beach. There is four wheel driving, sand duneing and for the kids there is Twilight Beach which is a great place for the little ones to swim safely, Adventureland Park with all its climbing equipment, maze and playground located along the foreshore, Amberland with plenty of waterslides, a mini steam train to ride upon and mini golf. There are golf courses to have enjoy a round on, tours of every kind and something not to be missed are the wildflowers that blanket the ground in spring creating and amazing experience.

From the wildlife, marine life, friendly seals to swim, scenic walks, hiking, tours of all kinds, neighbouring islands to visit and sail around and some of the best fishing and diving in Australia, these are just some of the reasons why people come to holiday in Esperance. Whether you are a little kids or a big kid you will find so many attractions that you will want to include into your days here in Esperance. There are miles of pristine beaches to explore, waterways that boast great estuary fishing and more as well as a surrounding countryside that is a whole other world just waiting to be explored. Esperance is a place for all travellers so come and discover the endless list of attractions and activities that you can enjoy while holiday in this special place along the Western Australian coastline.