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Perth Cruises

There are all types of cruises that you can do when is Perth, such as river cruises, ocean cruises, overnight cruises, wildlife cruises, sunset cruises and extended live aboard cruises. Do it doesn’t matter if you are only here for a couple of days or a period of time you will find the perfect cruise to suite your budget and interests.

Swan River is the snaking river that the city of Perth is based along and on these calm waters you can enjoy a great number of different cruises. You can do sightseeing cruises for half the day or the entire day, take a romantic lunch or dinner cruise up the waterway and wine and dine as you go along, join in on a scenic cruise to not only see the sights along the river but a variety of wildlife and birdlife along the way. There are fishing charters and estuary fishing to be enjoyed as well for all of you who love to get a line wet while on holidays.

Out on the open water there is a plethora of charters and cruises that you can join all depending on how much time you have up your sleeve. From day adventures that include scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing you really can see what these waters have in stall for you. There is a beautiful underwater world just waiting to be explored and with some of the best fishing to be had off the shores of Perth you will be reeling in the catch of the day in no time at all.

You may also like to take a cruise around Rottnest Island or even take a trip to Carnac Island to see the sea lions for the day with lunch included. Migrating whales are always a huge draw card and major attractionsfor Perth so why not jump onto one of the whale watching boats that venture out to see these majestic mammal at play in their environment during the months of July through to October and one way to cap off a perfect day in Perth is to come on board a luxury sailing vessel for a couple of hours and enjoy a sunset cruise with cheese and wine.

Many people can just never get enough of the water so why not plan your holiday to be upon it all the time and arrange your own houseboat for a vacation on the Swan River or plan a cruising holiday starting from Perth and make your way up the coastline and experience the many sights and delights that Western Australian has to offer. You can captain the boat yourself or arrange for your own skipper to do all of the driving and staff to prepare all of the meals and drinks as you kick back and relax. There are also a variety of luxury liners that you can board for extended stays out on the open waters that provide beautiful luxury accommodation, 24 hour entertainment, bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants, shopping and dining all on the one luxurious vessel for you to enjoy that make regular stops at many of the main attractions and cities along the way and you can choose from a range of tours that travel from anywhere between seven days or more.

There are party boats for hire for those special occasions, yacht charters just for the day where you can sail the calm ocean waters, private and intimate cruises for just the two of you and twilight cruises. If you love the water you will just love the many opportunities you will have to enjoy Swan River the ocean waters that fringe the coastline of Perth.

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