Western Australia, also known as WA, has been blessed with some of the best fishing spots in the world. 

With around 20,781 km of coastline and an abundance of freshwater rivers and lakes, it is no surprise that fishing enthusiasts flock to this beautiful state for an unforgettable experience. 

The vastness of Western Australia makes it hard for visitors to know where to start their fishing adventure. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 fishing spots in Western Australia that offer spectacular sceneries and diversity of fish species.

Cape Arid National Park and Esperance

Couple on a Fishing

Located near the southern coast of Western Australia lies Cape Arid National Park and Esperance- an iconic spot for recreational fishing. This region boasts clean, pristine waters that are home to prime species such as King George Whiting, Samson fish, Southern Bluefin Tuna, salmon, well as john dory.

The natural vegetation surrounding the areas provides tranquil scenery while you wait for your catch. 

Visitors who prefer land-based angling have plenty of options from the Taylor Street Jetty in Esperance or through Salmon Holes. It is vital to note that Salmon Holes requires a bit more effort since access is gained via a long bush trail.


Pemberton is a small town located in the Southwest corner of Western Australia. Despite being known for towering karri forests and its world-class wine-making industry, it offers some great freshwater angling opportunities too.

The region provides fantastic Trout fishing spots with Rainbow and Brown Trout present throughout the year.

Visit Big Brook Dam or Beedelup National Park for an adventure-filled day of fresh air and catch your perfect trout worth showing off.

Fitzgerald River National Park and Bremer Bay

Located in the southwest of Western Australia, Fitzgerald River National Park and Bremer Bay offer fantastic fishing opportunities for both experienced anglers and beginners. 

The area is renowned for its Salmon runs, diverse fish species like southern bluefin tuna and King George whiting, as well as recreational fishing.

Whether you choose to fish from the beaches or launch your boat, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Anglers can also access Albany’s facilities to purchase bait or stock up on their gear before heading out to the water.

Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay is a great spot located about two hours drive south of Perth along Bussell Highway. 

This stretch covers beaches with excellent beach-combing areas offering anglers easy access to spots where they can enjoy tube worming activities besides reeling in big catches of herring, tailor, and King George whiting, among others.

The Dunsborough town nearby has all sorts of facilities, accommodation options, plus gear suppliers, making it an ideal location for anyone seeking comfortable stays while indulging in their angling passions.


Located about 590 km north of Perth, Kalbarri is home to some of the top estuary fishing spots packed with diverse fish species like mulloway, Bream, and Tuna, among others. 

Anglers have lots of choices when it comes to selecting locations they can cast their reels, from the Murchison River and the Kalbarri National Park’s gorges to the coastline offering deep-sea fishing opportunities.

The area provides all kinds of facilities that visitors might need, like camping and accommodation options. It is vital to note that some areas require passes before access, but once you’ve gotten through, this region guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Myalup, Moore River, and near Perth

Fishing lovers residing within Perth’s CBD can visit various popular locations on weekends, like Myalup Beach, situated 90 minutes southwest of Perth city, just ten minutes outside bulla junction tourist rest-stop, where salmon counts are high annually.

Moore River, also known as Guilderton, 75 km north of Perth, offers a perfect spot for fishers seeing tailor Herring and Whiting. 

However, anglers can head to various local fishing spots like Rockingham’s secret harbor or opt for deep-sea fishing.

Steep Point, Shark Bay

Located in the remote western part of Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Steep Point and Game-fishing offers liveaboard charters for adventurous anglers with a pastime in catching sharks, sailfish, or Marlin, among others. 

The scenic cliffs around provide clean water access for fantastic land-based fishing.

Facilities are relatively few on this beach; hence it’s a viable option only for those after an adventure-filled angling experience rather than just comfort.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is one of Western Australia’s most recognizable attractions thanks to its picturesque coastal scenery and abundant marine life, overspreading about 300 km from Exmouth to Coral Bay.

Besides coral reefs attracting tourists throughout the year, Ningaloo Reef also offers some spectacular game fishing spots where visitors have caught record-sized Marlins plus Sailfish swarming unique locations near the Twenty-mile beach, giving serious anglers lots of opportunities to experience remarkable catches.

Quobba Station:

Quobba station, situated northwest along the Ashburton River in Carnarvon, offers perfect grounds for beach-combing activities and is an ideal angling spot for seasoned fishers.

The coastline stretches over 80 km with various popular beaches like Three Mile Camp/Ledge Point providing a range of offshore game fish plus other species like whiting and mackerel.

Fishing amateurs can also explore snorkeling moments while enjoying the shallow waters’ amenities during high tides, while experienced night anglers can try their luck when fishing alongside locals whose tricks at nightfall have helped produce awe-inspiring catches comprising tuna weighing up to 70 kgs.

Pilbara Creeks and Shoreline

Pilbara creeks and shorelines also provide excellent fishing spots with plenty of species available year-round. 

Karratha Dry Creek has been a popular spot over the years for catching threadfin salmon, among others.

The area has easy accessibility, making it perfect for anglers seeking adventures without having to travel far from their base regions. Visitors can stock up on supplies in nearby towns like Port Hedland before setting out on their angling trips.

Tips for a Great Fishing Experience in Western Australia

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in Western Australia, offering anglers an opportunity to challenge themselves, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and catch some amazing fish. However, having a successful fishing trip requires planning ahead and making sure you have all the right equipment, knowledge, and skills.

Here are some essential tips to help you maximize your fishing experience in WA:

Research Your Location

Before you go fishing, research the location you plan to visit so that you’re familiar with local regulations such as size/line limits or restricted areas. You should also be aware of different tidal variations as well as weather patterns that may influence success rates while fishing.

Check Weather Conditions

Checking weather conditions before heading out can help improve your chances of catching more fish and ensure your safety on the water. When headed offshore or on larger bodies of water like rivers or lakes, always carry appropriate emergency gear such as flares or long-range radios to alert authorities if required.

Gather The Right Equipment

Fishing requires specialized gear based on species-specific tactics and locations targeted; hence it’s essential that you come prepared with all necessary equipment required for your angling venture, which often includes rods/reels/baits/nets/hooks etc., depending on what type of angling experience you intend to undertake.

Use Quality Gear

Investing in quality gear is necessary since it makes a difference when it comes down to catching fish – cheap equipment doesn’t work consistently. Look for proven brands when shopping around for any new gear(rod/reel), plus understand how these products perform according to specific situational needs like tides/sunset forecasts.

Use Appropriate Bait & Lures

It’s advisable that anglers come prepared with proper bait selections according to their targeted species since it’ll enable them to benefit significantly from their fishing techniques while also saving time between changing baits constantly. Lures are also great options to use when the bait isn’t available, or the fish you are targeting prefer a particular type of lure.

Select the Right Fishing Technique

Fishing techniques vary depending on target species and water conditions; hence it’s crucial that you have knowledge of different angling methods beforehand, including casting, spinning, and trolling, among others. This will ensure you are prepared for whatever style is needed depending on your location.

Be Patient 

Fishing requires patience since not every cast is guaranteed to attract any fish! It could take some time until anglers find spots where there is a concentration of their preferred species. So, it’s essential to remain persistent and have an open mind by trying different locations and techniques until a successful strategy is developed.

Practice Conservation

Conservation is vital in protecting our natural resources and preserving marine environments for future generations to enjoy. When fishing, it’s advisable that you follow all catch limits, only keep what you intend to eat/use as bait, and release any undersized fish gently back into the water without causing harm.


Western Australia’s diverse fishing spots provide an extensive range of fish types plus settings, ranging from freshwater rivers to deep-sea fishing locations. 

Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting, WA offers abundant opportunities for catching fish and discovering the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Each location provides a host of amenities required by visitors, like accommodation options and supply shops providing bait plus gear such as hooks, sinkers, lures, and so on, but always ensure proper planning before heading out.

The top 10 fishing spots we have outlined represent only a fraction of what Western Australia has to offer – make sure to experience them all. So, bring your fishing rods along with you and get ready for an adventure-filled trip to some of the best fishing destinations in Western Australia.