Just an hour’s drive from Kununurra is the most northerly town and harbour in Western Australia, Wyndham. Situated in the Cambridge Gulf on the coast of WA is this pleasant town that boasts many attractions, wonderful holiday activities, and the perfect destination to get away from it all. Located in The Kimberley region, Wyndham is surrounded by rivers, has a nearby port, excellent accommodation, and plenty of amazing sights and delights to experience while you are here.

River with tress

Wyndham is actually two towns that are 5km apart that are linked by a sealed road, the reason being that back when the town was created in 1886 the first settlement grew, and because the town was developed on tidal mudflats the new settlement has to be located to higher ground and today this is where most of the population now resides. Wyndham will always be a very viable port as the live cattle trade with South East Asia as well as the ongoing production from the Ord River will keep this town alive for years to come. It is a town where boats line the main street and you can enjoy a welcoming and friendly drink with the locals in the pub. It is a town that exudes the true outback feel, where time seems to stand still as you make your way through your day that will be filled with wondrous activities.

One of the best things to do when in Wyndham is travel to the Five Rivers Lookout and see where the five rivers, Durack River, Forrest River, King River, Ord River, and Pentecost River all run out to the Cambridge Golf, a sight well worth seeing! The common attraction is the saltwater crocodiles that bask in the sun along the banks of the rivers or perhaps you would like to see an array of birds at the Marlgu Billabong. Wyndham is a picturesque town with so much to offer where you can forget about the outside world and just truly relax and unwind in serene surroundings. See Aboriginal artwork as you take a hiking trip up Mount Bastion which Wyndham is based at the foot of or a day of fishing is something many enjoy with plenty of great catches to reel in. The barramundi is famous in these waters and some other great catches can be caught at the local waterholes!

Group of alligator resting

Here in town, you can enjoy many other great attractions like the largest crocodile park where you can see a range of crocodiles up close and personal as well as the endangered Komodo dragon, or even take the kids to the Prison Tree where they would hold prisoners before shipping them off to the local goal. There is the largest crocodile in captivity in Wyndham and the giant Boab tree to see. You can go four-wheel driving, fishing, bushwalking, bird watching, and enjoy a whole other list of wonderful past times that the whole family can take part in. Pack a picnic and head to the Grotto Swimming hole which is at the base of a winding staircase or visit the Cockburn Range where the scenery will amaze you or take a walk through the Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve.

There are some excellent accommodation establishments in Wyndham that you can check into, from well-appointed hotels and motels, caravan parks, guest houses, and beautiful resorts with stunning vistas. So why don’t you come and discover the hidden treasures that put Wyndham on the map and enjoy a holiday with fun-filled adventures, lazy days, and family fun?