Big Orange Stone

The Pilbara is the powerhouse of the Western Australian mining industry. It covers an area of some half a million square kilometers and it produces vast quantities of iron ore, gold, uranium, manganese, natural gas and oil. The region consists of three distinct geographical areas. The western part consists of coastal sandy plains and here you will find most of the region’s population and industry. The eastern third is desert and the balance is dominated by the Hammersley Ranges. This region contains some of the world’s oldest surface rocks which are more than three billion years old.

The main towns in the Pilbara are Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman, Exmouth, and Marble Bar. The economy is firmly rooted in the mining industry and the population is variable with many mine workers employed on a fly in fly out basis. Marble Bar has laid claim to being the world’s hottest place having recorded 161 consecutive days where the temperature exceeds 100 Fahrenheit or 37.8 Celsius.

European sailing ships

The Pilbara is rich in Aboriginal culture. In many areas, they are the only inhabitants and they have lived here for thousands of years. There are many sites in the district where excellent examples of Aboriginal rock art can be viewed. Much of this is centuries old and some of it depicts the first arrivals of European sailing ships in the area. As a tourist, you should also try to visit the Millstram-Chichester national park as well as the Dampier Archipelago and Ningaloo reef where it is possible to swim with the massive whale sharks that visit the region on a regular basis. At Monkey Mia in Shark Bay, a family of wild dolphins regularly visits the beach to be fed by the locals and this has become a major tourist attraction.

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