Albany Activities

Albany has an activity for everyone no matter what your age or interest may be, from spending time upon the fringing ocean waters to exploring the surrounding countryside or even just lazing in the parks and gardens that dot their way through the city, Albany has something for every occasion. It is a city that is beautiful and pristine and a holiday here will be one filled with as many things as you wish or even allow you to escape from the rat race and just slow the pace down a little.

Albany is an exciting destination with plenty to see and do, from the beaches where you can go surfing, swimming, fishing, windsurfing, kiteboarding or just snorkelling or diving straight from the shore. There are sheltered coves and inlets that are great for a day at the beach where you can laze under the warm summer sun and read a book and the kids can play in the protected and safe waters. Build a sandcastle, throw in a line or two or even do one of the interesting coastal walks that you can find! There are lessons for you to join for anyone who wants to learn how to surf and plenty of charters and cruises for you to board that will take you out to the open waters where there is whale watching, deep sea fishing and amazing snorkelling and scuba diving adventures to be had.

No matter what time of year you decide to come to Albany, summer, winter, spring or autumn you will find an array of things to fill up your days with. From the simple pleasures of lazing upon your private veranda and enjoying the stunning views to walking the streets of Albany and enjoying the many city attractions such as the wonderful restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and endless shopping treats. There are markets that are held each month for you to browse through that showcase the many local producers, artists and more and soaking up the history and heritage that makes up Albany is always something not to miss when you visit the museums, galleries and monumental buildings.

There are annual events and festivals such as the Taste Great Southern Festival which showcases the chefs, food authors and local artists around Albany and all they have to offer and many other annual attractions that are not to be missed. You can go kayaking up the Kalgan River or drive to one of the interesting neighbouring towns where there is just so much more to see. From the walks through the nature reserves and National Parks to the coastal walks that you can do to the guided walks and tours that take in some of the most spectacular scenery, flora and fauna along the way, nature lovers will feel as though they are in paradise. If visiting during the months of spring you will be greeted by a blanketed ground of wildflowers that can be seen for as far as the eye can see and a time to bask in the great outdoors. There will be tours of every kind for you to book that will take you to places such as the Albany Convict Gaol, The Blow Holes, The Natural Bridge and so much more for you to experience. You can pat alpacas for yourself or visit the animal farm with the kids for the day!

From walking through National Parks and forests to visiting breathtaking lookouts, going on walks along the many scenic tracks around Albany to visit the many attractions that this city has to offer, or just simply taking the opportunity to relax in one of the foreshore parklands, laze upon the beaches and soak up the sun to watching the kids enjoy some time in one of the playgrounds, Albany has so many activities that your holiday here will be everything you hope it to be. So come and discover the city that is Albany and find attractions and activities of every kind!